Centralized Application System

Application process to
engineering schools for various degree programs is very hectic. The application itself requires that the
demands of various institutions regarding application deadlines and specified documents are met. Our
system tries to solve many problems and make application process much simpler by giving them an
application where they can upload their documents and submit them generically. This idea we got for
our project from the Centralized Admission Process that is used by CAT, Common Admission Test for
MBA programs in India. In this CAT process they have one entrance exams and the form list all the IIM
colleges under it. Similarly, our website will allow the students to register in various universities at one
place, instead of applying in their respective University’s websites. Although our system is not
responsible for admits and rejects that the university sends to the student. Our website may allow the
students to view their status of application based upon which they can be rejected at the initial steps
itself of the application process.The website link is